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COMBO HB Sun/Shade<br>18

Combo HB 18"

For 2018, we have updated all of our Combo baskets and Fiber planters: offering new and unique color and texture combinations - with names to match! Please contact us for specific component details, and stay-tuned for updated pictures.

For 2018:

Combo A: "Sunny Variegation"
Combo B: "South Africa"
Combo C: "Silver Cascade"
Combo D: "Purple Heart"
Combo E: "Blue Denim"
Combo F: "Everillo"
Combo G: "Golden Shade"
Combo H: "Pink Giraffe"
Combo I: "Made in the Shade"
Combo J: "Kiwi Fern"
Size: 18" Moss Basket
Sold: Individually