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ZINGIBER officinale<br> Edible Ginger

ZINGIBER officinale
Edible Ginger

We are excited to offer this spicy and delicious culinary gem as a part of the Landcraft collection of gingers! Dark green foliage plant with an upright habit: growing to around 3 feet tall. Does well in garden beds, containers, cocktails and candies! Keep soil evenly moist, and in a full to part sun location. To harvest: As the root is near the surface, you will often see small knobs at the soil line of your plant that can be selectively cut as needed (try to cut the knobs furthest from the plant). When temperatures cool off and leaves start to fade, uproot the plant and either take a larger harvest, overwinter as a houseplant or cut back and keep dormant (watering once a month to keep roots viable)
Size: 1 gal.
Sold: Individually