Plant Availability

Dear Gardening Friends,

Landcraft Environments Catalog The 2018 season is promising to be another exciting year for us here at Landcraft, we are constantly updating and improving our plant lists, growing techniques, and pest management practices. Again this year we are offering a wide selection of new and unique plants, some tender, some tropical and some hardy, many we have been growing in our gardens here at Landcraft for years.  Some plants of particular interest are two new types of Ammi major: A. ‘Black Knight’ having beautiful sultry dark purple umbels and A. ‘Dara’ displaying a range of colors from pure white to pale pink and lavender. Our begonia offerings have really expanded this season too. We have added flowering as well as foliage types; some are slated for the shade garden and others can take a bit of sun. Some standouts are Begonia ‘Canary Wings’ with its glowing golden foliage and clusters of ruby red flowers. Another favorite begonia is the rex begonia ‘Nautilus Lilac’: similar in leaf shape to B. ‘Escargot’ but having leaf coloration of silvery pink and violet rose, all edged in black.  A fun new Nicotiana called ‘Chocolate Smoke’ has been added too, exhibiting the darkest chocolate brown flowers. We are also offering the exotic flowering Berkheya purpurea ‘Zulu Warrior’ a fascinating plant with thistle-like leaves and upright clusters of amazing pale mauve, daisy shaped blooms. In our hardy plant section we are offering Athyrium filix -femina ‘Victoriae’ the “Lady Fern” which we have been growing for many years in our front garden, it is constantly commented on by everyone who sees it. Hosta ‘Rhino Hide’ and the resilient and very hardy Lavender ‘Dilly Dilly’ are two more exceptional hardy plants we are added to the mix. The hardy Calla Lilly Zantedeschia aethiopica ‘Giant White’ has been totally hardy and amazingly floriferous, blooming with very large pure white blooms from early spring till frost. Another exiting hardy plant we are offering is the golden leaved pokeweed, Phytolacca americana which exhibits stunning golden foliage, white blooms and deep purple-black berries.  Our introduction of Gomphrena ‘Cosmic Flare’ in 2016 - 17 was a hit. We now have a patent on the plant and it is being grown and distributed both domestically and internationally. It is very exciting to see our breeding and development efforts go global.

We have also updated and rearranged our 14” and 18” Moss Basket selections, changing out many of the combinations and adding some interesting mono-cultures to the group.

We are in the process of building a new website, with a fresh new look and updated features! In the meantime, you can still place your orders as always, through our web availabilities as posted on the existing site. Let us know if you have any questions, as we’ll be happy to guide you through the new site navigation and associated ordering process.

The Gardens at Landcraft are ever evolving and maturing; the new meadow gardens have come into their own and are filling in. “The Ruin” is almost completed and will be planted out this year. Our Garden Conservancy Open Days tour date this year is Saturday, July 7th 2018, 10:00 AM 4:00 PM

Once again thank you for your continued patronage, support, and enthusiasm. We look forward to supplying you with beautiful, unusual, quality grown plants and distinctive furniture.

Dennis, Bill and the staff at Landcraft