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Q. I am a home or hobby gardener - can I buy your plants direct?

A. While we appreciate your interest in Landcraft plants, we operate exclusively as a wholesale nursery, so we cannot sell direct to consumers. However, we always encourage that you contact your local garden center for all retail inquiries. See our complete list of current outlets, here.

Q. I want to login to view pricing and availability - how do I set up an account?

A. Please send us an email at info@landcraftenvironments.com with the following details, and we'd be happy to set you up as a new customer: company/contact names, Tax ID number, billing/shipping address(es), relevant phone number(s) and the nature of your business (garden center, landscape designer, etc.). We will usually respond within 24 hours with account setup confirmation and further instructions.

Q. I am a potential or existing wholesale customer. What are your order minimums to hold material for pickup and to qualify for delivery?

A. The minimum order required to reserve material for pickup is $1500.00. In order to qualify for shipping, we ask for a $2500.00 preorder (which can be broken down into partial orders to accommodate multiple deliveries).

Q. What if I am a wholesale customer who cannot make these minimums?

A. Many retail outlets offer wholesale discounts to those in the landscape trades (see list of retailers here) Wholesale customers who cannot make minimums are also welcome to purchase off of current availability on Fridays and Saturday mornings in the months of April through June. We do ask that customers contact us to schedule appointments at least 48 hours in advance, so we can make sure that someone will be here to assist you.

Q. I am a new or potential customer, what are your general terms of business?

A. All orders are C.O.D. unless you have an established account and have received credit approval. Accounts are net 30 days, with 2% interest per month. There will be a $20.00 service fee for all uncollected checks. Collection and attorney fees will be paid by the customer. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Q. Does Landcraft have minimums on flat sizes?

A. Most of our 4 1/2" and quart sized materials are sold in multiples of 15 (with a few exceptions), and our 6" is similarly sold in flats of 6. All other material is sold individually. Please email us for further details.

Q. I have already placed an order with Landcraft and have received my order acknowledgement. When can I expect my plant material to be ready?

A. In the Early Spring season, we aim for a crop finish time of mid-March and ends mid-April. In the Spring season, we aim for a crop finish time of between late April and the beginning of June. Since we grow nearly 1500 varieties of plants, it will be unlikely that all of the plant material that you have ordered will be ready at the same time. Many of the tropical plants we grow do not tolerate cold nights, so therefore we project a ready date a bit later into the season for these items. Please plan accordingly. In the Fall, we aim for a crop finish time between mid-September and mid-November. Indoor topiary and houseplant material is generally available throughout the year (please see current availability after you log in).