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Cannas are rhizomatous tender perennials, grown for their sometimes outlandish and flamboyant flowers and foliage. Depending on the variety they grow anywhere from 2 feet to 12 feet. Cultivars with colorful foliage ranging from muted burgundy and plum to vibrant variegated forms are a bonus in the garden even when they are not in bloom. Flower colors and shapes also vary immensely; small specie type flowers often take an understated elegant stance, whereas the large flashy almost gaudy blooms need little fanfare. Small and medium sized cannas will do equally well in containers or planted in the ground. Large cannas work wonderfully in herbaceous and mixed shrub borders. Grow in full sun for best flowering and leaf color and in rich, fertile soil with lots of moisture. Dig the tubers after the first frost and store over winter in a frost free location.