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(See also: Standards Columns and Fall Plants)

We've been collecting coleus (n/k/a P. scutellaroides or S. scutellariodes) for a number of years now, and have amassed quite an interesting selection. Each plant is unique in its growth habit, leaf shape and coloration. Some cultivars have been around for years and are from heirloom stock, while others are new hybrids developed by breeders, some are even surprise finds growing in driveway cracks or greenhouse floors! Many of the new hybrids have been bred to discourage flowering and to perform well in full sun. As far as nomenclature, we have strived to be true to our sources but find that there are almost as many names for a plant as there are people growing it. All the coleus we are offering add significant interest and excitement in bedding and mixed containers, or as focal points anywhere in the garden.